Sonet Overview

Sonet is integrating Web2 and Web3 resources to provide AWS-like services for the next generation of World Wide Web.

The Sonet framework includes the Sonet middleware and the Soda extension.

Sonet Middleware

Sonet middleware is a global platform to link Web2 with Web3, which forms a distributed infrastructure to satisfy peer-to-peer business communication scenarios.

Web3 infrastructures for data processing and management may not support smart contract mechanisms or provide special pricing models for usage and payment. Our solution is to build a platform on Web3/Web2 infrastructures to empower web projects to develop easier, and end users to properly use resources without deeply understanding Web3 token economics as well as special wallet tools for token payment across multiple blockchains.

Similar to traditional cloud computing technology, the Sonet Middleware is aiming to provide a "PaaS (platform as a service)" on Web3/Web2 and "IaaS (infrastructure as a service)".

The Sonet middleware will provide Distributed Storage, Indexing, or Rendering services from Web3 to Web2 applications. Payment and reconciliation from the crypto world will be involved to bring real use-cases of traditional Web2 information business models to Web3 ecosystem.

Soda Extension

The Soda extension is part of the Sonet infrastructure.

The Soda extension serves as a personal asset portal for the Web (World Wide Web) in a socially forward metaverse where assets derive value from communal activity. Soda is an open-source project targeting to unlock meaningful value from all social creation, and provide personal portal for end users. The system builds a socially forward ecosystem where assets derive value from communal activity through a dual coin system balanced by social usage. Web users use web apps to establish communications and to get useful information.

The Soda extension is assigning value to social activity by bringing NFTs to Web 2 in a frictionless way. This seamlessly allows web users to manage their online resources, including their personal account(s) and data, generated by/published to any online systems within a one-stop self-sovereign application.

Technically, the Soda extension enables "Web3 SaaS (Software as a Service)" for the Web.

The Soda extension is able to add new Web2 applications, rich media, marketplaces in Web3, or Web3 blockchain wallets, which is open to the Sonet development community.

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