Soda Extension

Our Web2 extension (Soda) serves as a gateway for users to autonomously manage identity and data privacy at their entry points across metaverses. App developers can tap into our entry points and build on top of the usage middleware through our SDK, where end user experience will be enhanced and supported by the top web infrastructure protocols in a seamless way.

Solving the Communication Problem

Sonet builds the middleware platform to enable three roles of communication, and integrates the token economics of the $Sonet token with the three roles as innate stakeholders, thereby forming the overall ecosystem as the metaverse of the "Res Publica".

  1. keep self-sovereign user data as communication content,

  2. use Web2 applications as communication channel service providers, and,

  3. manage self-sovereign identity as communication entries.

In this first application, this project extracts the key concepts of tokenization and assetization from NFTs. By creating a general equivalent (medium of exchange) to evaluate asset property, and using token property to manage contents through existing Web2 applications, this project enables NFTs to fit in the current business model of Internet traffic monetization to form a brand new digital token usage market.

Driven by the above ideology, the related token economics utilizes the $Sonet token within its own ecosystem,

  1. tokenization usage for burn on spend, and,

  2. assetization for mint on mining.

For detail, please view: Soda docs .

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