A Digital Twin to use digital assets across Metaverses

Digital twin

The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space. It includes the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the Internet.

Digital twins are our shared virtual representations of ourselves. They are the bridge between physical reality and the cyber universe. A branch of communication channels with data privacy is necessary to link the physical and virtual world. The digital twin must be able to manage all of the accounts, data and assets in a closed loop web app ecosystem. The access control for these communication channels must be an autonomous mechanism rather than a third party managed platform, just like laws physics in the real universe.

Digital twins come together to form an online society, allowing for interaction with multiple web apps and digital assets.

Digital assets

Like energy on the Earth, it seems we are using it for free but in reality it comes with a cost.

In Sonet, interactions and transactions occur based on consensus. The channel and the information cross channels come with a price. The information is the commodity for transactions, and can be reflected to their "reality twin" per physical use. The consensus of all business parties reflects the value of commodities. These commodities that act as bearers of value become "assets". To the public's expectations for assets, the more consensus of the assets, the more value it carries, and the corresponding unit price is combined with the ratio of consensus and the total supply of assets. For digital assets with fixed total supply, the larger the amount of asset holders, the stronger the consensus, which results in higher value.

Higher usage, Lower price

In addition to the blockchain token technology, the ease of copying and dissemination of virtual items, esp., data, can easily break the price logic.

  • The more copies, the lower the unit price.

  • The lower the unit price, the stronger the consensus.

  • The stronger the consensus, the larger the consumer.

  • The larger the consumer, the more channels for copies, and the more copies.

The value of assets can be maintained by relying on asset derivatives, that is, a solution to the anticipation of falling prices caused by replicas and asset preservation.

  • Enhance consensus through replica derivatives and increase value of the reserved asset.

In other words, based on the replica screening, the spread of the replica is an effective way to strengthen the consensus, and the value of the asset improved. The replica screening and the asset value is reflected in the transparency and traceability of the transferring and exchange process. To retain the complete inheritance process of credible assets completely solves the problem of authenticity screening and provide evidence for the increase in asset value. This is particularly prominent in the inheritance of traditional artworks.

The Sonet ecosystem

Web 2

  • Web apps

  • Centralized web service hosts

  • Infrastructure/platform service (IaaS, PaaS) consumer(s)

Web 3 (infrastructure)

  • Distributed resource management

  • Self-sovereign resource management

  • Personal payment on demand experience


  • digital twins,

  • digital assets, and general equivalent for exchange.

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