Welcome to the Sonet Middleware

Sonet is an open-source project providing users an AWS-like platform for building Web2 and Web3 applications. Soda is the first application built on Sonet that provides management and marketing tools for DAOs and NFT projects directly through Web2 social networks including Twitter.

We are empowering app developers to primarily focus on their front-end user experience by providing the comfort of building on the most optimized and connected Web3 infrastructure.

Overview of Sonet

Sonet is an all-in-one Web2/3 web-service platform providing a direct entry point to applications. We’re an integrator of blockchain services including the following categories: Data Storage, Data Indexing, GPU Rendering, Oracles, Node Services, etc.

Sonet's platform synthesizes the key components of tokenization and assetization for various Web3/Web2 infrastructure services. A middleware platform that resolves the problem of different pricing models across Web3/Web2 infrastructures and provides a standard development toolkit (SDK) for application developers to easily use different infrastructure service providers.


Sonet has two core components:

  1. Our middleware serves as a bridge connecting powerful protocols to provide settlement and clearing services across blockchains and metaverses under a single platform.

  2. Our Web2 extension (Soda) serves as a gateway for users to autonomously manage identity and data privacy at their entry points across metaverses. App developers can tap into our entry points and build on top of the usage middleware through our SDK, where the end user experience is enhanced and seamlessly supported by the top web infrastructure protocols.

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