Sonet Middleware

Sonet Middleware is a global platform to link Web2 with Web3, which forms a distributed infrastructure to satisfy peer-to-peer business communication scenarios.

Web3 infrastructures for data processing and management may not support smart contract mechanisms or provide special pricing models for usage and payment. Our solution is to build a platform on Web3/Web2 infrastructures to empower web projects to develop easier, and end users to properly use resources without deeply understanding Web3 token economics as well as special wallet tools for token payment across multiple blockchains.

Similar to traditional cloud computing technology, the Sonet Middleware is aiming to provide a "PaaS (platform as a service)" on Web3/Web2 "IaaS (infrastructure as a service)".

Overall, the Sonet middleware is:

  • An infrastructure to bridge the performance gap between decentralized and centralized systems.

  • Middleware between Web2 and Web3.

  • Builds closely with Soda Extension.

  • An open framework for all web apps.

Service Aggregator

Our middleware combined with payment system and web gateway serves as a bridge for connecting powerful protocols under a single platform to provide settlement and clearing services across blockchains, including the following categories:

  • Data Storage

  • Data Indexing

  • Data Presentation (2D/3D/Motion)

  • Oracles

  • Node Services

In the example of a GameFi marketplace, our middleware aggregator (Sonet) would connect gaming ecosystems, our native token payment system ($Sonet) would enable cross-asset transactions, and our web gateway (Soda) would facilitate cross-social communities.

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